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The Loft

Is a calm and bright space, perfect for focus and productivity. It's ideal for hybrid working if you don't want to spend your whole week working from home. You can book your desk for the day(s) you need each week, without having to pay for the rest.


You can hot-desk by the day as you need it. Or you can set up a recurring weekly booking and be allocated a dedicated desk.

Price starts from £15 per day or £175 per month. 

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New cush 5_edited.jpg

The Beacon Room

Is a comfortable, functional, flexible space to fit a range of needs for two to six people. It's great for anything from brainstorming to board meetings or staff appraisals. 

This room can easily hold up to four desks so, if what you need is a permanent, private office, we can set this room up to suit.

Book it by the day or half day. Or, if you want it as your private office, by the month.

Price is £54 for one day - get in touch for prices for regular bookings.

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The Keeper's Cabin

Is perfect when you need a private room for  interviews or Teams meetings. It's also ideal for quiet, focused work.

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The Coffee Stop...

....will suit you if you occasionally need to do focused work on a report or plan (or your next novel!) and you want to avoid the isolation of home or the distraction of a coffee shop. You can still have a great coffee by your side so you won't miss your caffeine fix.

The desks and stools are adjustable so you can work at a height that suits you. If you don't want a stool you can use an adjustable office chair instead.

Book for a full or half day.


Price starts from £8 per half day (including all the coffee you can drink!)

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